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Shamanic Releasing Ceremony

What: Shamanic Releasing Fire (Water) Ceremony




Duration: Approximately 1 hour Fee: $12 (5 person minimum)

The intent of this ceremony is to assist in the releasing of the tethers to our past that hold us back. You will choose one or two events or issues that you wish to release and we will concentrate on those. While in the prep area, and prior to the Ceremony, you will write down the issues you wish to concentrate on and place them in the Burden Bowl to be offered up as prayers during the fire portion of the Ceremony. This Ceremony will begin with a Cleansing Ritual prior to entering the Sacred Circle where the actual Ceremony will take place. In the circle we will learn about the power we give to our past to control us today and how to break those bonds.

Because this Ceremony and the Circle is sacred NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED. Please leave all cellphones, pagers, or other devices that can possibly interrupt the ceremony by either making noise or vibrating, in your car or at home. We can all benefit by disconnecting from them for one hour. (NOTE: For those who require a little extra assistance, during inclement weather, or for those who prefer the indoors, this Ceremony can be conducted inside using water.)

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Divinities Spark

Divinities Spark Meditation: This guided meditation is used to manifest in our lives those things that we most desire. It is a 30 or 50 minute meditation that is designed to heighten our awareness of, strengthen our connection to, and to better make use of the Divine Spark that resides in all of us. You will learn where this Spark came from, how to properly use Divinities Spark, and two words you use everyday that either reinforce or hinder its application in your life. Both the 30 minute and 50 minute sessions start off with a history lesson about this Divine Spark, then we have 22 minutes of guided meditation. The 50 minute session includes a short break then the second half where you are free to manifest in your own way. Assistance is available if desired.

Fee: $12 per person, 5 person minimum


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Divinities Spark Meditation


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